Why I quit the Open University

I first started the Open University in September 2020, studying for a part-time degree in Computing and IT. You can read about my experience during the first module here, though this post is to explain my reasoning for not choosing to continue with the route of obtaining an IT degree part-time. Cost can add up … Read more

Python Part 1 – Using the Python Interpreter

So you are ready to dive into the world of Python, exciting! If you are running Linux like me you should already have Python installed. You can check this by opening a terminal and typing: python3 You should hopefully see text similar to the image below confirming that you indeed do have Python installed on … Read more

Fixing Bluetooth for Ubuntu and Pop Os

When I first moved over from Windows to Linux I faced a couple of connection issues, one of them being my Bluetooth connection. No matter what I tried it would not pick up my headphones or other Bluetooth connections that had previously been working fine with Windows. I had thought that maybe the Bluetooth dongle … Read more

SpaceX – Starlink

Starlink is a SpaceX project that aims to bring global internet access to the world. It will do this by initially launching over 4,000 satellites into VLEO (very-low-eath-orbit) with plans to bring this number up to 12,000; which would give a total bandwidth of 240,000 Gbps. At this stage, however, it is unknown what speeds … Read more