Fixing TP-Link Wifi issues on Linux (Realtek driver – RTL8814au)

When I first moved across to Linux and tried a number of distributions from Linux Mint, Ubuntu and PopOS; I found that I was having the same issue when trying to get my wireless connection to work on each of the systems.

Coming from a Windows based Operating System to Linux and facing this issue was almost enough to send me back to Windows. Though having spent a lot of hours online searching for the solution I stumbled across the below which I hopes helps others that are having the same problem.

I am using a TP-Link Archer T9UH v1 [Realtek RTL8814AU]. The last part of this description ‘RTL8814au’ is the driver name that I need for this wireless driver to work.

You can take a look at your own system and see if this also matches what you have. Do this by opening the terminal and typing:


This terminal command shows all the usb connections that are connected to your machine. The top one in my case is my wireless wifi from TP-Link who have stopped their Linux support for the latest release.

If you find you have a different driver you can try searching this in google, or if this is not working taking the 8 digit identification number and searching that for a driver. In my case this number is 2357:0106. Though you may want to try this driver if you have no luck with others as I have seen others that this has also solved their wireless connection issue.

Open the terminal and type the following commands:

git clone
cd rtl8814au
sudo make install

Restart you computer and now your wireless issue should be solved!

Full read me files from the creator of this fix can be found here.

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