Bootes Void – The loneliest place in the Universe?

Bootes Void is a spherical area in the Universe 250 million light-years in diameter that should be home to at least 10,000 galaxies. The number we have recorded is a measly 60 galaxies, 0.6 percent of the expected number…

This seems like an unbelievable number. So why is there such a larger emptiness?

It could just be a chance that this area simply does not naturally contain as many galaxies as other parts of the observable universe, as the distribution of galaxies in the universe is not uniform.

Others have theorized that an advanced civilization is housing the stars in Dyson spheres. A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical structure that surrounds a star and captures most of the star’s power output as an energy supply. This structure would obstruct the light from the star and prevent it from ever reaching earth thus creating a void in the night sky.

This is an exciting idea and who knows maybe we will receive a signal from Bootes Void itself proving a civilization lives there.

Another theory is that galaxies have a tendency to gravitate towards one another, creating areas of empty space that they used to occupy. But the problem with this theory is that the universe hasn’t been around long enough for an area the size of Bootes Void to be created. Though this does not mean that the empty space cannot be created from another natural process that we simply are not aware of.

Until our technology improves we may never know and should continue to theorize.

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